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Money management tools like Mint are focused on controlling your spending. DDD focuses on the thing that annoys you most: debt . Connect your accounts, choose the debt reduction strategy that works best for you, and we’ll automate your path to financial freedom.
About your Darwin Debt Director (DDD)
Avalanche Method Prioritize the highest interest rate debt first to save you money over time.
Great for those seeking a highly motivating approach to tackling their debt repayments. This strategy accelerates overall debt reduction and saves time in the long run.
Snowball Method Focus on the debt with the smallest balance first, and when its paid off, roll the payment into the next.
Great for those who need a confidence boost and a sense of accomplishment. This strategy targets low balances to generate quick wins against your debt.
Tornado Method Knock out the debt that grinds your gears first to foster a stress free financial life.
Great for those who value personal satisfaction and emotional relief. This strategy focuses on eliminating the debt that annoys you the most to reduce financial stress.
Credit Score Boost Pay your bills in the order that most improves your credit score.
Great for those looking to improve their credit scores and financial standing. This strategy focuses on maintaining low credit utilization and timely debt payments.
Just the Mins Make sure every minimum payment is made on time to keep you going.
Great for those needing temporary financial relief or facing short-term budget constraints. This strategy ensures timely payments while easing the immediate burden.
Installment Loans Select your pay timeline and we’ll consolidate and eliminate your existing debt accounts.
Great for those seeking a structured and predictable debt payment schedule. This strategy provides a clear roadmap to debt freedom, building financial confidence.
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Not Sure Which Strategy Is Right For You?
Do I keep paying my minimum monthly payments?
Yes! The Darwin Digital Director can potentially save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, and take multiple years off your loan repayment by implementing a debt strategy. It is critical to ensure that your monthly minimum amount is paid on time if that’s all you can do, and the DDA has a “Just The Mins” strategy to automate that for you, so you can be sure your bills are paid when due.
How does this program impact my taxes?
Student Debt Program payments will be reported as income and may impact the taxes you owe at both the federal and state level. You’ll be taxed at your current effective tax rate. Check with your employer for information on how taxes will be withheld.
Can I download an spreadsheet version of my selected debt strategy?
Yes! Connect or input your account and debt information and select the strategy you’d like to review. You can download a spreadsheet version of your strategy for free, with no signup required.